windowSaving money this winter is more important than ever. With the economy as bad as it is we cannot afford to be wasting money on expensive heating bills. Heating bills will be especially high this year as gas prices continue to rise. Thankfully there are some things you can do to save money on your heating bill this winter.

Consider hiring an expert on windows to tell you if your current windows are able to keep the hear in properly. Of course you will also want your windows to keep the cold out as well. You won’t need an assessment if you already know that your windows are older. Older windows will let a lot of the heat in your home out and not efficiently keep the cold from coming in. You may think that this wouldn’t cost much, but you would be wrong. You could literally save hundreds of dollars each month if you invest in new windows. It will be expensive to get all new windows for your home but the amount you save each year will really be significant. Also it is important to mention that your home value will also increase. Some people will put in new windows before selling their home in order to make more money on the final selling price.

triplewallstovepipe1If your home has a fireplace you should plan to use it this winter. If you have a cheap source of wood then you will save a lot compared to paying for gas heating. If your fireplace has sat dormant for a while it is important to make sure the chimney is working properly. You can usually hire someone in the yellow pages to help you with this if you don’t know what you are doing.

Consider investing in a stove pipe system to save money this year. An iron stove installed in your home can provide you with year round heat. Heat from a regular sized wood burning stove can provide enough heat for a room that isn’t too large. You will have to purchase a stove that is larger if you need to hear your entire home. What kind of stove pipe you choose will also matter. You will have the choice between a single, double, or triple wall stove pipe. A single pipe will allow more exhaust to be let out. A triple wall stove pipe will allow the most exhaust to be let out. A triple wall stove pipe will allow the most exhaust to be released.

The choice between the different stove pipes will be determined by how big the stove you own is. You should avoid a single pipe for a larger stove. For a smaller stove a triple wall stove pipe will probably be overkill. You can plan to talk to a specialist if you are confused when it comes to installing a wood burning stove. You can also hire an expert to complete the entire job for you if you have little to no experience with stove installations.

Saving money during the winter will take some common sense and possibly some investment. With the right preparations you can expect to save money year after year on your heating bills.